Sino-doll | The 2nd Anniversary Celebration of Sino-doll

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With our well-known BBW sex doll (S22 Mo), S30 LinYin, S32 Linyu, S33 Linyanyan, S35 Linchacha,

and the brand new Male sex doll (B1 Nash and B2 Nanri ),

Sino-doll has developed from an obscure new brand to a well-recognized brand.

We adhere to upgrade our products continuously, so as to develop featured options,

which have gained praise and affirmation from customers at home and abroad.


  1. Hyper-realism Painting (R effect)
  2. Smooth Matte Effect (S effect)
  3. Ultra Soft Silicone Breast (the 4thgeneration)
  4. Ultra Soft Ass Feature (the 3rdgeneration )
  5. Ultra Soft Vagina
  6. Standing without Bolts

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