152cm(4ft11') Blonde Perfect Silicone Sex Doll With Metal Skeleton - S10 Amanda

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152cm(4ft11') Oral sex perfect silicone sex doll with metal skeleton - S10 Amanda

Silicone Sex Doll Information


Material: Platinum Silicone
Internal Structure: Metal Skeleton

Bust/Waist/Hip: 76cm*50cm*77cm
Weight: 28kg (±3kg)

Body length: 135cm (±3cm)
Sex Type: Oral, Vaginal, Anal 

Vagina Depth: 17cm
Anal Depths: 13cm 

Oral Depth: 11cm
Skin Color: White / Natural / Tan


Amanda is an H-Cup curly Love Doll with white skin and a Tight Ass. She likes to lie on the couch with the other half to eat chips and drink beer. Amanda, who has metal skeletons, can make all kinds of difficult sexual gestures to satisfy your sexual desires. Taking her away is a rare and gentle white skin sex doll.


Default options:

-Ultra soft options (breasts, vagina, ass, inner thighs)

-Shrug joints

-Side waist joints

-Movable eyes

-Standing with/without bolts


Package Information


Selling units: Single item
Package type:Flight package / Carton package
Single package size:PF - 165-49-49cm / CP -160-44-32cm
Production period: 7-12 Days
Accessories:A wig + A set of clothes + A set cleaning device + A pair of gloves + A comb
Delivery time:5 Days




* In order to show you the best, please be gentle with me, rubbing too hard will damage my makeup. Liquid likes alcohol, Washing fluid will hurt my skin.

* R+S Effect is suitable for any Sino body and only for B1, B2, S30, S30b, S31, S32, S33 & S35 head!

* Custom make-up is available now, Sino will charge relevant fee for the custom make-up.
* Keep in mind that picture colors may vary depending on screen resolution and device settings.
* Free outfit does not match the one on the pictures.
* The product is purely artificial manufacture, so the above data might be exist difference, kindly reference the real product.
* There might be exist color difference, There might be exist color difference.
* Ultra soft Vagina, Ultra soft Ass and Ultra soft inner thigh, there are exist softness difference, kindly choose these option carefully.


To buyer:

  1. Because the goods sold are customized products and the nature of the product is special, once the order is placed, there is no refund, return, exchange, or adjustment of the goods requirements, etc., and the production and delivery will be arranged after the full amount of the goods has been collected.
  2. Please read the product manual and the video before use.
  3. Because the goods sold are customized products and the nature of the goods is special, if problems with the goods are found, they should be submitted to the seller within three days from the date of receipt of the goods.
  4. customer prposed of goods quality problems within the said period, should provide the appropriate documents (including, photos, videos, etc.), verified as belonging to production quality problems and serviceable range, you can return the seller to repair, back and forth The logistics cost shall be borne by the manufacturer; after identification and verification, it does not belong to the production quality problem, but is within the repairable scope, it can be mailed back to the seller for repair, and the round-trip logistics cost shall be borne by the buyer. The seller has the rights to refuse to receive any collect mail.
  5. If the goods are damaged due to the transportation of the goods, the seller assists the purchase logistics/express company to negotiate and solve the problem; if the goods are damaged due to improper unpacking or improper operation, the purchaser shall be responsible for it.
  6. The purchaser should fully understand the relevant policies and local laws and regulations of the receiving place. For example, due to the purchaser's reasons or the relevant policies of the receiving place, the express delivery is unable, intercepted, introduced or rejected, or required to be retained by the recipient, etc. If the product is lost, damaged, or returned due to the reasons, the buyer shall bear the corresponding responsibility, and the seller does not need to return any remaining parts.
  7. Because the goods sold are handmade products, there are reasonable differences from the goods display pictures, and some reasonable wear and tear may also occur. This situation is easy for the buyer to accept.
  8. Disputes arising from the transaction shall be resolved through negotiation; if the negotiation fails, the parties may submit their opinions from the property company of the seller.
  9. Taxes and fees generated by the transaction (including tax-free fees, customs clearance fees, customs declaration fees and customs procedures, etc.) are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  10. If the above sales terms violate the "Consumer Rights Protection Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, the relevant laws and regulations shall prevail.
  11. Because this product is a customized product and the nature of the product is special, our company only provides after-sales service to first-hand buyers.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact Sino-doll for further assistance.


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