159 (5ft2') Hyper Realistic Sex Doll RRS Version - T1 Miyou

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159 (5ft2')  Hyper Realistic Sex Doll RRS Version - T1 Miyou

Silicone Sex Doll Information

Material: Platinum Silicone
Internal Structure: Metal Skeleton
Bust/Waist/Hip: 89cm*59cm*87cm

Weight: 34kg (±3kg)

Body length: 143cm (±3cm)
Anal Depths: 13cm  (±1cm)
Vagina Depth: 10,12,15,17cm  (±1cm)
Sex Type: Vaginal, Anal
Shoulder: 35cm  (±1cm) Neck Cricumference: 25cm  (±1cm)
Arm Length: 62cm  (±1cm) Hand Length: 17cm (±1cm)
Leg Length: 85cm  (±1cm) Thigh: 49cm  (±1cm)
Calf Girth: 31cm  (±1cm) Feet Length: 22cm  (±1cm)
Skin color:  Natural / Tan



*Top-sino extreme edition is including the standard options as follow.


1. RRS effect. The first R stands for hyper realistic painting; The second R stands for realistic skin texture and S stands for smooth matte effect.

2. Implanted eyebrows

3. Movable mouth.

4. Ultra soft options(breasts, vagina, anus, ass, inner thigh, belly)

5. New shoulder joints

6. Fingers joints

7. Anti-puncture palm design

8. Side waist joints

9. Realistic skin texture

10. The 3rd Generation Standing without bolts

11.  Realistic tongue

12. Realistic mouth

13. The 2nd generation movable eyes

14. Customize vagina size (10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 18cm)

15. Vagina cleaning kit

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